Make your best bets with Big Baazi’s baccarat games

Going to an online casino like Big Baazi isn’t as overwhelming as visiting a land-based casino where you’d bump into high rollers and VIPs. You don’t have to play the same games as them if you don’t have a high budget. Sometimes, the games that most people play on online casinos can get complicated depending on the strategy they employ, but there are some games that are beginner-friendly.

One example of an online casino game that’s easy to learn is baccarat, a card game that relies more on chance and betting strategies to win big. If you aren’t familiar with the game yet, here are some things you need to know about baccarat:

How to play baccarat

Baccarat is one of the easiest games to play in an online casino. Most of the time, only four cards are shown on the table. But when playing online, multiple decks are used depending on the variant. In baccarat, you are asked to place a bet on either the player’s or banker’s hand.

You can also wager on a tie bet if you want. If you correctly predict a tied result, you get paid significantly more than just betting on either hand. If you don’t bet on a tie and it happens anyway, you get your money back.

Regardless of whether you are playing PC or mobile baccarat, you can easily see which hand is the winner after every round. You will know this by computing the hand total of both the player’s and the banker’s hands. The one with the higher total wins.

In baccarat, number cards are valued as is, 10s and royals count as 0, and Aces have a value of 1. The highest card total achievable in this game is 9. If the total of the two cards exceeds 9, only the last digit will count.

Sometimes, a third card is added to either the player’s or the banker’s hand to give them a chance to beat the other. However, there are special rules as to how a third card can be added:

  • The player’s hand is given a third card if its total ranges from 0 to 5.
  • The banker’s hand is given a third card if its total ranges from 0 to 5 and the player’s hand total exceeds that range.

However, there are additional rules when a third card can be given to the banker. These are:

  • If the player’s third card is 2 or 3 and the banker’s hand total is between 0 and 4
  • If the player’s third card is 4 or 5 and the banker’s hand total is between 0 and 5
  • If the player’s third card is 6 or 7 and the banker’s hand total is between 0 and 6
  • If the player’s third card is 8 and the banker’s hand total is between 0 and 2
  • If the player’s third card is 9, 10, a royal card, or an Ace and the banker’s hand total is between 0 and 3
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Best baccarat games at Big Baazi

Now that you have learned the rules of baccarat, it’s time for you to take a look at the best games that Big Baazi has to offer:

Baccarat Regular Super Spade Games

Baccarat Live by Super Spade Games

Super Spade Games offers you its live-streamed version of baccarat that uses only one deck, effectively boosting your chances of winning if you ignore the tie bet. The game can be viewed on multiple angles and is compatible on both PC and mobile devices.

Baccarat Live also has interactive features to help you have a better gaming experience. Each round is also recorded so you can replay footage of the most recent round to clear any doubts you may have.

Baccarat Lobby Ezugi

Live Baccarat by Ezugi

Ezugi’s version of baccarat uses eight decks shuffled regularly and is live-streamed using high-quality cameras. Live Baccarat has a live chat feature where you can interact with the dealer and fellow bettors. This game accepts an unlimited number of players. So, feel free to invite your friends and play together!

Live Baccarat allows fast-paced gameplay as well as several side bets. There is also a ‘How to Play’ button for those not familiar with the game.

Golden Baccarat Knock Out Ezugi

Knockout Baccarat by Ezugi

Multiple baccarat bets tell you to avoid the tie bet as it rarely happens. You would also be cautioned against some side bets. If you were to choose, which between a tie bet and side bet would you rather have? Since you are more likely to place a side bet, Knockout Baccarat is here to boost your odds.

This game incentivises a winning hand total of 1, 2, 3, or 4. With this special rule, several side bets incorporated into the game will also be affected. Even if you avoid the tie bet, there’s still a chance for you to win big!

Fiesta Baccarat Live Ezugi

Live Fiesta Baccarat by Ezugi

Live Fiesta Baccarat is a live-streamed game where the dealer speaks Spanish. If you can understand the language, you will also enjoy the lively atmosphere that the game exudes. Live Fiesta Baccarat is meant to be a more relaxing version of the card game, which is why even those who do not understand Spanish can appreciate its flow.

The usual intuitive interface that Ezugi is known for can still be seen in this game. High-quality cameras accentuate the lively stage from multiple angles. If you are a Spanish speaker, Live Fiesta Baccarat makes you feel at home.

No Commission Baccarat Ezugi

No Commission Baccarat by Ezugi

If you have read the rules to baccarat, you will notice that the banker faces more stringent rules. With this, most baccarat games make sure that the banker gets a higher chance of winning and return rate at the cost of a 5% commission for each bet. No Commission Baccarat gets rid of this advantage for you.

The lack of a 5% commission makes a banker bet, the payout for it when it wins with a total of 6 is only 0.5 to 1. You will then be enticed to place some chips on the side bets such as the Either Pair where either the player or banker will have a pair of similarly valued cards. This side bet is advisable for players looking to win big and willing to take more risks.

Cutting-edge Baccarat providers for Big Baazi

Big Baazi sources its baccarat games from the best suppliers in the industry to make sure what you’re playing is fun and fair. Here are the leading brands that Big Baazi has partnered with:


Ezugi is a live casino supplier founded in 2012 and headquartered in Romania. The company specialises in creating games that are live-streamed and can be played on both PC and mobile devices. Ezugi has multiple studios in different countries, leading to a diverse array of live games for bettors all over the world.

Super Spade Games

Super Spade Games is another supplier that specialises in live dealer games. This company keeps up with the competition by offering games that are compatible with mobile devices and have a user-friendly interface. Super Spade Games also prides itself on developing innovative titles that players will enjoy.

Rise Of Olympus Img

Rise of Olympus

Play’n Go

Book Of Tombs Img

Book of Tombs

Booming Games

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Fat Rabbit

Push Gaming

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Book of Poseidon

Booming Games

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Midas Golden Touch


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Book of Rebirth


Tips to win big when playing baccarat

Even though baccarat is a fun and simple game to play, there are ways to make it a more profitable experience. Here are a few tips:

Bet with the banker as much as possible

Did you know that you are more likely to win a game of baccarat by betting on the banker? Using a bit of statistics, card game analysts have found that the banker loses 44.65% and wins 45.87%. If tied bets aren’t taken into account, the win rate of the banker is at 50.68%. This is because of the special rulings tied to the banker when dealing a third card to it.

Set betting limits

As a responsible bettor, you have to determine how much money you are willing to risk before you head to a baccarat table. Make sure you stick with your betting limits regardless of whether you have won or lost rounds. It can be easy to get carried away with winning streaks or be tempted to recoup massive losses, but you might end up losing more than what you have if you do so.

Avoid betting on a tied result

A tied result pays higher than either the player’s or banker’s hand. However, it is also the riskiest main bet in baccarat because it rarely happens. Most baccarat games use more than one deck of cards, making the possibility of a tied result extremely small. If you want to win more frequently, narrow down your betting options to either the player or the banker.

Bonuses to claim at Big Baazi

Big Baazi is quite generous when it comes to giving players a chance to fully enjoy its games. Here are some of the bonuses you can use for baccarat:

Welcome bonus

Big Baazi’s welcome bonus is a series of rewards where the site will match your first three deposits after signing up. The first deposit will be matched 100%, up to 50,000 rupees while the second and third deposits will be matched 50% each, up to 25,000 rupees.

Reload bonus

Big Baazi’s reload bonus is a weekly promotion where the online casino adds a small percentage of your deposit to your account. This is made to keep members from switching from one online casino to another.

Cashback bonus

Have you been on a losing streak lately? You might want to take a break from playing. Fortunately, Big Baazi will give you up to 10,000 rupees or 10% of your losses. Remember that this bonus is a weekly promotion. So, make sure you keep track of your games.

Interested in playing baccarat?

If you want to get started in playing baccarat at Big Baazi, there are some questions you might have. Fortunately, these questions have already been answered for you.

Get big wins with Big Baazi’s baccarat games!

The best baccarat live casino games are within reach once you sign up to Big Baazi. Sign up today and take advantage of the bonuses you can get right off the bat. Prepare for some big wins by making the right bets, Big Baazi’s baccarat games will guarantee you a fun time each round!

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