Aim for the pot with Big Baazi India jackpot games!

Jackpot games are available on the Big Baazi mobile casino app. You can sign up now, explore and test your luck with a generous 100% match bonus of up to ₹50,000. Most jackpot slots also come with free play mode that you can try as a guest to explore your options. When it rains it pours at the Big Baazi mobile casino so start playing with your eyes on the prize at any jackpot game available.

Quick intro to jackpot casino games

Big Baazi has plenty of games and each of them comes with their own appeal. Jackpot casino games, in particular, closely resemble traditional slots. The only core difference between them is the opportunity to win big cash prizes steadily increases which each bet you make. Here’s how it works and examples of its different versions:

The limit is what’s written on the pot

The most important distinction between slots and jackpot casino games is how it handles payout limits. Every slot game comes with a maximum win which is the fixed peak of how much you can win if you hit the ultimate lucky spin. It’s usually equal to your ante multiplied by several times to scale with your bet price.

Jackpot slots, on the other hand, show you exactly how much you can win at any given time in the currency that you are using to place bets. There is no fixed rate stopping you from getting as wealthy as you can be in one hit. What’s written on the jackpot, usually reaching more than hundreds of thousand in Indian rupee (INR), is what you can potentially win.

Every jackpot game triggers big wins differently 

There’s a wide variety of games you can play at Big Baazi’s jackpot mobile casino. Each comes with a unique set of rules on how to hit the big payout. All of them can be won through luck and diligence. All you have to do is keep playing until the grace of Lady Luck smiles upon you. Here are some examples of those rules and their appeal:

  • Tier division: Mini, minor, major, & mega
    You will often see jackpot prizes divided into several categories namely mini, minor, major, & mega. Oftentimes, each of these only gets a cut of the entire jackpot prize pool. This is one of the most popular versions because the pot is more accessible. You’d be surprised to experience hitting the mini and minor jackpots so commonly which are all large paying prizes.
    Major wins aren’t so hard to win, either. You can get them in every gambling session you spend at Big Baazi. Just be diligent, keep an eye out for the game’s special features or long hit chains. The Mega prize contains the biggest payout and it is akin to being the ultimate jackpot win in the game. Hitting it can pay you half a million in one sitting.
  • Wheel feature
    The jackpot wheel serves as another game mode on top of the slot’s mechanic. It usually only comes out whenever you hit a special feature or reach a milestone in the game. Once you do, the game brings out a roulette wheel with guaranteed large prizes ranging from big payouts, to special feature triggers, to the biggest-paying combination. Wheels are also frequently combined with tier division jackpot prizes where you have more chances to win mini and minor and once each for major and mega.
  • Bonus game mode
    The most fun casino games have multiple special game modes you can explore for various prizes. These bonus game modes are typically new kinds of games like opening a chest with hidden treasure or a free spin feature where the jackpot is one of the elusive symbols. 
    The kinds of bonus game modes you can find in India are all inspired by other gambling games. Try out every jackpot slot you can find at Big Baazi to see more options or be surprised by features that you haven’t seen before.
Big Bamboo Img 853x1024

Big Bamboo

Push Gaming

Moon Princess Img 1

Moon Princess

Play’n Go

Reactoonz Img


Play’n Go

Bison Battle Img 853x1024

Bison Battle

Push Gaming

Book Of The Divine Img 853x1024

Book of the Divine


Luxury Club Img 853x1024

Luxury Club


Top jackpot games to play

What makes Big Baazi one of the mobile casinos is the number of great games it hosts from all of the providers in the gambling industry. All of them are top-tier and available in India, multiply your rupees by the thousands. Here are three recommendations if you don’t know where to start:

Sisters Of Oz Jackpots 250x300

Sisters of Oz Jackpots (Triple Edge)

Triple Edge’s The Sisters of Oz Jackpots explores an extended universe from the world Dorothy from Kansas has explored. It was guarded by a great and powerful wizard named Oz who grants happiness to everyone and deters all evil witches.

The slot game features the powerful wizard’s sisters taking up full reels to give you a big chance of winning large payouts. Gain their favour and be blessed with immense wealth. It features the standard 5×4 game with wild symbols and a scatter feature. Get the wild book three times to trigger the free spin mode for more chances to win the jackpot.

Continue your journey collecting potions with them and you will soon accumulate enough gold tokens to fill the Wicked Tales pot. Once you do, you will be granted a chance to play the wheel of fortune to grant you one of many rewards. These are the mini, minor, major, and mega jackpots fitting for a hard-working adventurer like you.

Carnaval Jackpot

Carnaval Jackpot (Pulse 8)

Party while you work for the jackpot and party harder in celebration when you do. Pulse 8 brings the festive experience of the Carnaval to India through the Big Baazi mobile casino. Watch the jesters perform or join the dancers at the parade and just have fun while waiting for fate to bring you the riches you deserve.

Carnaval Jackpot is a simple slot casino game with a 5×3 grid and nine paylines. It’s also a high-roller casino game with a large gap between minimum and maximum ante. You can bet as low as ₹9 to ₹1,800 per spin and win up to ₹7,200,000 jackpot.

Many high-paying symbols can already net you hundreds of thousands to 1 million if you make a five of a kind on the slots. The scatter mode takes you to a free spin feature that will allow you to accumulate that much in prize, as well. This mode also makes it possible to hit the jackpot where all you need is to fill all fifteen slots with the scatter symbol.

Diamond King Jackpots

Diamond King Jackpots (SpinPlay)

Explore the rich lands of Africa and meet all of its endemic creatures at the comfort of your own home with Big Baazi mobile casino. Besides the majestic beasts that walk over its land, the Mother Continent is also known for its deposits of gemstones like diamonds.

Diamond King Jackpots from SpinPlay is a game that lets you explore all of these valuable natural creations where sighting them pays you in rupees. It has a 5×4 grid with scatters and free spin symbols for more chances to win. While symbols like lions and elephants pay big, what you should aim for are the diamonds.

They work as wild symbols with multipliers to boost standard winnings and add to the gauge on the left for each appearance. Once full, it takes you to a new bonus game mode where you open hidden tiles until you get a three of a kind. These tiles are the mini, minor, major, and mega jackpots. The first one you complete into a three of a kind is what you get then reset the feature.

Rise Of Olympus Img

Rise of Olympus

Play’n Go

Book Of Tombs Img

Book of Tombs

Booming Games

Fat Rabbit Pushgaming Img 854x1024

Fat Rabbit

Push Gaming

Book Of Poseidon Img 854x1024

Book of Poseidon

Booming Games

Midas Golden Touch Img

Midas Golden Touch


Book Of Rebirth Img 854x1024

Book of Rebirth


The Big Baazi mobile casino experience for jackpot casino games

What’s fun about jackpot casino games is the guaranteed big payout that you can get. You can also win smaller payouts while you’re working on it. You can be lucky to hit the big payout as early as your next spin or it may take over weeks with the game’s high return to player (RTP) rate keeping you from losing money.

The key to hitting the big payouts is to play as often as possible but it’s tough to do that on your desktop. Download the Big Baazi jackpot mobile casino app for Android and iOS for the best portable gambling experience. The site is perfectly optimised to make its services, bonuses, and games more intuitive for the average Indian player.

Mobile casinos are accessible 24/7 and all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and moments of free time to try your luck at least one session a day. It also makes payment and withdrawal easier because Big Baazi mobile casinos can be paired with payment apps on your phone. It allows you to make easy transactions with your fingers on the same device. Thus, ensuring that you have a non-stop gaming capability to keep chasing that elusive mega jackpot.

Sisters Of Oz Jackpots 1
Carnaval Jackpot
Diamond King Jackpots

Frequently asked questions regarding jackpot casino games

Playing jackpot mobile casino games can only be as relaxing as any game if you know the rules. Though it is simple entertainment, there are a few aspects that need clarification. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about playing this type of game:

Increase your chances of winning using Big Baazi bonuses

Play at Big Baazi mobile app to access all of the best bonuses you need to enjoy jackpot casino games. You can enjoy the 100% match bonus of up to ₹50,000 on your first deposit and a 10% cash return in the future. These huge bonuses can increase your chances of winning, making Big Baazi the best place to get the optimal jackpot mobile casino gaming experience. Sign up now and try the top games available in India.

Demi Gods 2 Img 854x1024

Demi Gods 2


Majestic King Expanded Edition Img 854x1024

Majestic King Expanded Edition


Poseidons Rising Img 854x1024

Poseidons Rising


Books Bulls Img 854x1024

Books Bulls


Thai Blossoms Img 854x1024

Thai Blossoms


Queen Of Fire Img 854x1024

Queen of Fire