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Win large rewards when you play at Big Baazi

Up for a gaming adventure like no other? Then play now at Big Baazi where you have a lot of online casino games you can try anytime you want. When it comes to the games and various bonuses here, it’s possible to get larger rewards once you start winning. Take a look now at everything you need to know about Big Baazi so you can play to win!

Big Bamboo Img 853x1024

Big Bamboo

Push Gaming

Moon Princess Img 1

Moon Princess

Play’n Go

Reactoonz Img


Play’n Go

Bison Battle Img 853x1024

Bison Battle

Push Gaming

Book Of The Divine Img 853x1024

Book of the Divine


Luxury Club Img 853x1024

Luxury Club


Why you need to play at Big Baazi

Finding the right casino site for you does not have to be difficult since Big Baazi has everything you need to play! From thousands of games ranging from the classics up to modern slot and casino games that will take you on adventures you’ve never seen before, all of them are available here in this casino. So before you start playing, check out all the benefits of wagering at Big Baazi as listed below.

Casino games: Top adventures you can try at Big Baazi

The game catalogue at Big Baazi contains an extensive list of all the classic casino table games and slots that will remind you of old-time gaming. Not only that, there are modern versions of games you need to play so you can experience numerous adventures! Find out below the different game categories available here to know which ones you need to try first.

Not only that, there are modern versions of games you need to play so you can experience numerous adventures! Find out below the different game categories available here to know which ones you need to try first.

Big Bamboo Img

Big Bamboo (Push Gaming)

Push Gaming’s Big Bamboo is pretty unique because it does not follow the standard 5-reel 20-payline format that most slots do. The game is set in a bamboo jungle that uses symbols like hearts, spades, birds, and even the bamboo trees themselves. 
Watch out for the scatter symbol that can appear on reels 2, 3, or 4. When the reels land on a scatter, the different results will spin through inside the symbol’s position. You can also get a Mystery Stack feature which can reveal Wild symbols, paying symbols, and the Golden Bamboo symbols. Big Bamboo has a solid return to player percentage (RTP) of 96.13% which is pretty high considering its popularity.

Book Of Poseidon Img

Book of Poseidon (Booming Games)

Book of Poseidon is a game based on the myth of Poseidon and his aquatic kingdom. This might look simple but it is pretty exciting to play for anyone who knows the games in the ‘Book of’ series. With an RTP of 95.68, you can win tons of rewards on this game which will be enticing to any player.
The game’s design is appealing too given that it focuses on Poseidon and his sea kingdom. Apart from its eye-catching design, you should focus on what symbols that can land on the reels. You can have three wild or scatter symbols in this game which can boost your chances of winning by triggering a bonus round.

Books Bulls Img

Books & Bulls (Gamomat)

Gamomat’s Books and Bulls will take you to the game of life and death – bullfighting. This game is quite well-designed with all of the symbols with the bull, the card symbols, and many more. You have two scatter symbols with the book and the bull while the wild is the man in the blue outfit. 
The slot game itself is quite standard with a 5-reel and 10-payline format. You can also have the bonuses like wilds and scatters which are mostly involved in the video slots. These features make the gaming experience fun because it can turn the rewards exponentially higher.


Alongside slots, roulette games are pretty popular and they come highly recommended by multiple players in the gambling world. Just like slots, you can tell that roulette is a pretty easy game to get into. The main concept behind this game is to get your wager correct. You will have to pick a number where you feel the ball will land when the wheel is spun. 

Now, here are games that you should try that revolve around roulette.

Mini Roulette Spribe 250x300

Mini Roulette (Spribe)

Developed by Spribe, the roulette wheel in this version is downsized but it guarantees easy winning chances. There are only 12 numbers on this wheel compared to the usual 36. You can wager on any of the 12 numbers, red or black, even or odd, and many more.

Better odds will be present in this game because of the smaller wheel. The payout is quite decent since it has 12:1 odds. With an RTP of 97%, this game is a fine recommendation on Big Baazi because of the easier gameplay and the solid payout structure. It is a unique game compared to most roulette wheels and Spribe nailed it with the new format because this is fun to play.

Onetouch Live Roulette Lobby Onetouchlive

Live roulette games

Live roulette games are focused on having real-life professional dealers live streaming from the studio where they conduct the game. It feels just like a roulette game that you can play at a land-based casino which is the strongest part of the appeal.

The live roulette games in Big Baazi’s gaming catalogue are immersive as it gives you the feeling of playing in a land-based setup. With Big
Baazi’s roulette app download, you can have your betting experience on the go.


The main concept of baccarat is a simple guessing game. You will have to bet which hand has the higher value between the banker’s hand or the player’s hand but it has to be closest to nine. However, there is a third outcome on baccarat which is the tie but this one is a rare outcome. If you are looking for a way to have a solid reward, betting on the draw might be good since that is such a strong move. Now, here are the popular baccarat games that you should try.

Baccarat Onetouch 250x300

Mini Roulette (Spribe)

The main concept of the game is still the baccarat that every player knows and loves. This game developed by OneTouch has an RTP of 98.54% which secures some solid rewards for players because the game is quite easy to play too.

This OneTouch version is considered a top-tier game because it captures baccarat perfectly. You can truly feel that you’re playing the game that was present in casino tables just with a different dealer in the form of the computer but the overall gameplay has stayed the same. 

There will be other bets on the side which can yield some solid rewards if you continue playing and learning. These are clearly indicated when you play the game itself.

Baccarat Supreme

Live roulette games

Do you want to have the best version of baccarat? OneTouch’s Baccarat Supreme has become the top choice for many baccarat players. With the purple table and the white grid, this game has an awesome design that captures people’s attention. Baccarat Supreme uses eight decks of cards and it is the classic Punto Banco version of baccarat being played. 

If you want a classic baccarat game with no frills, Baccarat Supreme is the best choice that you can make on Big Baazi.


Poker has many variations across the gambling industry. Big Baazi has loads of poker offerings that you can check out. The concept of getting high rank-cards compared to your opponent is still the objective for most of these games which makes it more fun due to the number of poker games that can be played on Big Baazi. Here are some of those poker games that you can have fun with.

High Hand Holdem Poker 250x300

High Hand Hold’Em Poker (OneTouch)

As soon as you play this game, you will see that the gameplay is fast-paced. That is evident when you realise that this game is specifically designed to let mobile players have a good time because it mirrors the same gameplay pace. This is a poker game that looks familiar but there is a new spin to the game with the design, lack of opponents, and speed.

High Hand Hold’Em Poker should be a game that you play if you want to brush up on your poker skills because it still involves some of the basics that you expect from a poker game but the format has changed with the side bets. This is an enhanced version of a hold’em poker game and it’s a strong game that you can recommend to anyone who wants to strengthen their skills on the popular card game.


Russian Poker by OneTouch

This is one of the most popular games in the Central and Eastern European regions because people love to know the Russian version of poker.
This game is quite simple because it’s similar to the previous title with the no opponent gameplay.  With a 99.53% RTP, this game is quite fun to play and people feel safer with the potential success.


As one of the top casino games of all time, blackjack is a strong recommendation. Do not ignore that blackjack is an awesome game because it is not only simple but it’s also fun to play. 

To play blackjack, the main goal is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over. You also need to have a higher hand than the dealer. You will have to make wagers when you look into these hands which is pretty fun too.

Blackjack Vip T Evolution Gaming 250x300

Classic Blackjack by OneTouch

The standard blackjack title will never get old because of how easy it is to play. Another OneTouch game, Classic Blackjack retains the authenticity that you can expect from this kind of game. 

In this game, you will see the standard blackjack bets as the game lives up to its name as the classic game. Players will get to experience the ever-popular card game in an easy format to consume not only on PC but on mobile as well. 

With an RTP of 99.32%, players will have fun with this game since they can expect more rewards based on the numbers that they are seeing. This game is also a strong recommendation for mobile gamers because OneTouch made sure to make it optimised for those gamers too with how easy it is to run on any device.

Blackjack Supreme Mhpp 250x300

Blackjack Supreme Multihand by OneTouch

If you want to have fun with a blackjack game, why not enjoy the Blackjack Supreme Multihand from OneTouch. This is a unique game because you do not just have to deal with one hand but you can use a few hands at once. It’s a classy game which is expected from OneTouch but the gameplay stands out for this game. 

You have up to four hands at once which will mean that you can get a better hand compared to other blackjack games of the past. The available wagers that you can make are on the bottom of the screen. Players have fun with this game because they can win solid rewards and the RTP is at a high 99.13%. The side bets are fun to make because you can turn them into solid rewards at the end of the day. The Perfect Pair bet is arguably the best one because it can net you some handsome rewards.

Rise Of Olympus Img

Rise of Olympus

Play’n Go

Book Of Tombs Img

Book of Tombs

Booming Games

Fat Rabbit Pushgaming Img 854x1024

Fat Rabbit

Push Gaming

Book Of Poseidon Img 854x1024

Book of Poseidon

Booming Games

Midas Golden Touch Img

Midas Golden Touch


Book Of Rebirth Img 854x1024

Book of Rebirth



If you’re looking for something more unique but simple, check out the Keno games at Big Baazi. This is quite a basic game because you just have to pick numbers and hope that they get drawn. The strategy will have to involve the wager process that you are looking into.

You can choose up to 20 from the 80 numbers that you’re looking into. You will receive a solid reward depending on how many numbers will hit from what you chose. This gives you a lot of winning chances that you should keep an eye on. Here are some of the best games that you can check out on Big Baazi.

Keno Spribe 250x300

Keno by Spribe

Spribe is well known for creating simple and appealing games and their Keno title is the perfect example. Out of 36 given numbers, the player will have to choose 10 numbers and if the player gets all 10 right, they will win huge rewards. This is one of the most delightful games that you can play on Big Baazi because of its simplicity and the payouts that you can win if you get the predictions right. 

The game also has an autoplay feature that players can customise to their preferences. Additionally, players can also use the Rain Promo which will add some free bets into the game’s live chat which players just have to click to use. That empowers not only the players who can just click on them but it also strengthens the live chat which is an underrated feature in many online casino games like this. 

Keno can also be played pretty much anywhere with its optimised versions for the smartphone. Since the game is not that intensive, this runs smoothly on the phone and as long as you have an internet connection, you can play this game without any issues.

Bet on Numbers

Since the lottery is a well known game, Ezugi’s Bet on Numbers should be on your radar. The lottery has always been popular because of the numerous lottery games that can be played offline. However, this online version is the best version that you can play because you do not have to go outside to get a chance at winning the jackpot.

Bet On Numbers Ezugi 250x300

Bet on Numbers (Ezugi)

To win the lottery, you will have to get multiple numbers correctly. On this version of the lottery with Ezugi, players will have to get five numbers correctly out of 36 numbers. Additionally, there are other bets that you can make on this lottery game which involves the sum of balls drawn, the colours of the numbers being drawn, and many more.

The game is streamed from Ezugi’s Baltic VIP studio and it is on 24/7. It is a phenomenal lottery game that should be given more attention because the lottery has been popular but its online versions have not been given the same attention that it deserves. Jackpot prizes are rare but with lotteries, you can always see them being the top prize, do not miss out.

Live casino games

Big Baazi offers the best live casino games, you can have an all-in-one betting experience without dressing up to go to the nearest gambling site to play dealer games. You can play any game in the comfort of your home with your device.

Here are just a few of the most popular games that you can play on Big Baazi that you should check out for yourself.

Bet On Teen Patti Ezugi 250x300

Bet on Teen Patti Live (Ezugi)

This is a three-card poker game that is different from the usual poker format that people are used to. However, this is still a special poker game that requires the knowledge of poker card ranks. This game has its roots back in India which is why this is optimal to be played on Big Baazi too. 

Ezugi’s dealers are helpful because they explain the game well and they make sure that you will have a seamless experience when playing the game too. You will also see the stunning studio which further legitimises the fun gameplay as you feel like you’re playing on a land-based casino table.

Speed Roulette Evolution Gaming 250x300

Speed Roulette (Evolution)

Here at Big Baazi, you will not regret your decision to play the best roulette game with Evolution’s Speed Roulette. This is one of the finer games that you can play and it happens quite quickly. With multiple cameras, you can see every part of the roulette wheel which makes it such an authentic experience just like what you can have in land-based casinos. 

You have 25 to 30 seconds per game to play your bets and spin which is why it’s called Speed Roulette. As soon as the number is announced, the dealer will start the next spin. This is effective to make the game thrilling because of the speed and the natural gameplay of roulette games. This fast-paced game will be a good choice to play because it keeps you on your toes for your live roulette gaming.

7bet Tvbet 250x300

7Bet (TVBET)

7Bet is a lottery game that is streamed to its players just like what you see in the lottery TV shows back in the day. Loads of rewards are up for grabs when you play 7Bet and it does not require a high-value bet. Try playing this game for yourself because if you win, the rewards will be exponentially high.

Poker Tvbet 250x300

Live Poker (TVBET)

If you are looking for a classic Texas Hold’em poker game, TVBet’s live poker game PokerBet is probably the best option that you have. You will be playing against other players which encapsulates the poker game that land-based casino players are familiar with. However, PokerBet has no player limit which makes for an exciting time. 

There are also more bets on this game compared to a regular poker game. However, the goal remains the same as you have to collect the strongest combination compared to other players which is still the essence of a poker game. This is a good recommendation if you’re looking for a poker game to scratch your itch but also intrigue you with new ideas.

Top game providers: Experience high quality gaming at Big Baazi

Big Baazi’s catalogue of games is filled with titles from the best possible providers. Diversify your gaming experience by trying every game from slots, table games, and live dealer games. The titles you can find in the site are provably fair, which means you can guarantee that the outcomes that you can get from every spin of reels or shuffling of cards are accurate. 

Now, here are some of the best providers that are present on Big Baazi and let’s find out what sets them apart from the others and what makes them premium choices for this platform here.



In the online gambling world, Spribe is a proven provider that loves to create unique games. This is a premium provider that you can check out on Big Baazi. Those are good recommendations because they have a plethora of Spribe games in the catalogue that have left a mark on the online casino industry.

There are some unique games that you can check out including the Mini Roulette and Keno games that were covered earlier. They love to release games that are both unique yet familiar to gamblers worldwide which has made them such a successful developer for gambling platforms all over the internet.


Push Gaming

Creating high-quality games has always been the priority for Push Gaming. This is a premium platform that deserves to succeed in this competitive industry because they release well-designed, well-optimised, and polished games that you can play time and time again. 

That is one of the most important aspects of being a provider that people fail to recognise because if you leave out Push Gaming, you are ignoring the games that they have provided to people not only on Big Baazi but in the rest of the online gambling world.


Ezugi and TVBET

These two providers deserve the love too because they are the premier live casino developers for Big Baazi. This is important to recognise because if you want to have the best experience possible with your live casino games, do not miss out on playing the games that are provided by these teams because they are can’t-miss titles.
With games like Bet on Teen Patti Live, Andar Bahar, 77Bet, Wheelbet, and many more, do not ignore these providers as they give the players the best experience possible for live casino gaming.
Not only do they design some awesome games, the dealers that they hire are premium as well. These two providers deserve the respect as they always release games that can be played and understood by anyone.

How to register at Big Baazi

Since you have read all of the reasons why you should play online casino games here at Big Baazi, there is a pretty simple process for you to sign up to this platform. Whether or not you’re on a PC or your smartphone, it is still pretty easy. Here are the steps that you need to take, so you can play your favourite games here.

  • Enter your details including your first and last name, email address and country of residence. 
  • Come up with a good password that you will not forget.
  • Set a date of birth, indicate your gender, and input your address and phone number.

Big Baazi: Payment methods you need to know

After you create your account, you will have to connect your payment methods to the platform. Here are some of the best payment methods that you can use for Big Baazi.

Fiat currencies

These are important to recognise because fiat currency payment methods are the cookie-cutter or standard methods that you have to use most of the time. Here are some of the methods that you will have to remember.

Traditional payment method

Online payment services


Cryptocurrencies are useful and convenient because this is a decentralised payment method which means that there will be no third-party interference from authorities. They have huge value compared to the fiat currencies as well. The transaction speed makes them effective on platforms like Big Baazi since they only take up to a matter of minutes. Here are some of the cryptocurrencies that you can use at Big Baazi.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Stellar
  • Litecoin
  • USDT
  • Ethereum
  • BitcoinCash

With the available methods that were mentioned above, try them out for yourself to see what works for you because they are all quite useful for your Big Baazi gameplay.

FAQs: What you need to know at Big Baazi

While there might have been some questions that were already answered here, you might have some similar questions to the ones that the team receives every day. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers that you need to know.

Fantastic adventures await at Big Baazi

Play now at Big Baazi to have the best possible online casino experience. This is the best platform that you can go to because you have a wide selection of games to choose from and your bonuses will be used to the fullest too. This is a platform that you recommend to anyone interested in gambling.

This is an awesome site that needs continuous support because any Big Baazi will have no issues going here. Good luck and have fun with your gambling experience here at Big Baazi!

Demi Gods 2 Img 854x1024

Demi Gods 2


Majestic King Expanded Edition Img 854x1024

Majestic King Expanded Edition


Poseidons Rising Img 854x1024

Poseidons Rising


Books Bulls Img 854x1024

Books Bulls


Thai Blossoms Img 854x1024

Thai Blossoms


Queen Of Fire Img 854x1024

Queen of Fire